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20:29 - 21.10.2016
--- Server Rules (english) ---
Server Rules
Welcome to our english server rules.
Please read carefully to prevent any struggle with other players/admins.
Violating the rules will result in a temporarely or permanent ban, you can always visit
our Forum or teamspeak to discuss what happened.
If you want to report something violating the rules please refer to our Support Forum or join our teamspeak server.
Keep in mind that providing screenshots or videos as evidence will help us alot.
As Exile and Arma3 keeps evolving help us to improve everyones experience
by reporting bugs that you discover in Bugreport Forum.
We want you, the Player, to feel compfortable on our server and we appreciate every feedback you can provide :)

General Rules

- Dont impersonate admins!
- Bugs, glitches, exploits, duping or cheats are not allowed to use!
- Verbal harassment and racist stuff is forbidden in chat, names and group or territory names!
- Combat logging is not allowed!
- you are not allowed to log in/out in enemy territories!
- PvP, Camping, Bambi-slaying and destroying or stealing vehicles is allowed everywhere except in Trader Citys!


- Territories violating the rules will be deleted without a warning!
- If you miss to pay the base protection or to restore the flag in time, your base will be gone and we wont rebuild it!
- It's allowed to fight other players while building.
- Any static building, every room especially the Flagpole must be enterable on foot meaning you mustn't block the entrance with walls, there has to be a way in through a door or gate!
- Your baseparts are not allowed to block any roads, any land vehicle should be able to pass the road!
- Territories are not allowed to be build in range of the following locations:
(Flagpole --- border of map marker)

Tanoa Airport: 1500m
Lijnhaven: 1500m
Tradercity: 1000m
Spawnzone: 1000m
Other Traders: 500m
Concrete Mixer: 500m
Radiation Zone: 500m
Island-Bridges: 500m
Gaß-Station: 200m
High-Loot-Area: 200m

(High-Loot-Areas are for example: Church, Villa/Hotel, Temple Ruins, Military Buildings...)

Trader City

- Camping the Trader citys is forbidden!
- Dont block any players, traders, vehicles or crates!
- Any damage to players and vehicles is not allowed!
- If you buy a vehicle, move it and dont block the spawnarea!
- Parked vehicles in Tradercitys will be unlocked after restart!
- If you buy something inside a trader city or bring it to the trader zone, you are the owner.
- Dont gear/move any crates, vehicles, bodies or items you dont own!
- Its forbidden to steal vehicles unless someone stole your vehicle earlier and didn't sell or change the pincode you are allowed to lock/unlock it and take back the control!

Visit the Info thread for more Informations about the server.

greetings Gr33n
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