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20:30 - 21.10.2016
[DMS] Static Missions
Tanoa Airport

The Tanoa Airport is our biggest and hardest static mission.
Its nearly impossible to do it on your own, so don't mind teaming up.
First of all you should kill the static machine guns on the outside
of the bunkers / the towers and the Ai Vehicles driving around.
Once you managed to clear the entrence and fought your way through towards the center,
be aware of reinforcements spawning around the area.
When you finally have killed the last wave, enjoy your two crates with loot
and your vehicle, it may be a tank!

Difficulty: hardcore
AI-Count: 25 + 1-8, (Reinforcements 10 Waves, 10 Units)
Static MG`s: 16
AI Vehicles: 1-2

1. Crate (50 Weapons, 100 Items, 2 Backpacks)
2. Crate (3 Weapons, 150 Items, 15 Backpacks)

Vehicle (10% FV-720 Mora, 40% ArmedStrider ,50% Hunter)

Lijnhaven Occupation

Hotel Invasion

Georgetown Bank Robbery

Underwater Stash

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